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Exposition in Museum of T. G. Masaryk in Lany presents the first Czechoslovak president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk and historic events related to his personality. The exposition is divided into several parts.

T. G. Masaryk and his family

The first part of the museum exposition presents T. G. Masaryk and his family. According to memories of Alice Masaryk, we tried to reconstruct the Masaryk´s family apartment in which family lived in Prague on Thun street, between years 1896-1907. In this part of the exposition can be seen various personal items belonging to individual members of the family. To the most precious parts of our collections belongs evening dress of Charlotta Masaryk.

T. G. Masaryk – professorial period

Exposition continues through the professorial period of T. G. Masaryk and itroduces to us professor T. G. Masaryk in times of so called “Fighting for Manuscripts” and “Hilsner Affair”.

T. G. Masaryk and First World War

This part of our exposition is devoted to the First World War, when Tomas Garrigue Masaryk went abroad to actively participate in building of our independent state. This period is presented by uniforms and memories of the Czechoslovak legionaries. The atmosphere of wartime is illustrated by reconstruction of historical trenches. The part of the exposition is also reconstruction of the legionary waggon - "těplušky" where is installed Legionnaires bakery.

T. G. Masaryk – presidential period

Another part of our exposition is focused on Masaryk´s presidential period, his traveling around the country, his stay at Prague Castle and Lány castle. Among most precious items of this collection belongs Masaryk´s riding dress and his after death mask.

T. G. Masaryk and First Republic

The newest part of exposition is called T. G. Masaryk and
the First Republic - the life of the society from 1918 to 1938.
This exposition presents presidential period of T. G. Masaryk from the perspective of these times society. Although on a small area here, we are trying to show the atmosphere of the First Republic – level and maturity. The intent is that the visitor realized, what nationwide work was done over a period of twenty years of existence of the First Republic, and eventually it can be compared with the present.
Ideologically is installation divided into two parts – the world of man and the world of woman. To this purpose has been designed overall layout of the exhibition. The exposition also presents well-known personalities of the First Republic, again in terms of male and female world.

The exhibition woman and her world during the First Republic

The main theme of this long term exhibition is a woman and her world in those times. During the period of the First Republic women slowly became equal to the men in education attainment, in possibilities of profession and even in social life. However, still irreplaceable position of women was in the family, especially in childcare and household management.

The most extensive part of the exhibition is devoted to these topics. Visitors can see the interior of bedroom, a girl's room or the kitchenette - kingdom of the lady of the house. Impression is enhanced by using of interior textiles, cooking utensils and decorative objects.

The exhibition was created with financial support from
Procter & Gamble Rakovník.