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Joachim Barrande

Joachim Barrande was born in France in the city of Saugues on the upper reaches of the river Loira on the 11th August 1799 to the family of Louisa and Augustine Barrande. From young age he was impressionable child and his relationship to the nature became to form already in his early years. His father wanted to give him good education and that is why he sent him to study to Paris. Here he studied in 1819 – 1824 on Stanislav’s Lyceum the ‘Ecole polytechnique’. In following two years he studied ‘Ecole des ponts et chassees.’ On the same time of the bridge and road-traffic engineering study he was dedicated to his other interest, which was nature. After graduating, when he was 22 years old, he worked several years as an engineer in Bordeaux and in Saumur.

In 1852 the first volume of Barrande’s unique and world famous works about the fossils of Czech Paleozoic Era called ‘Systeme Silurien du Centre de la Boheme’ were published, they were result of 20 years long collecting and studying of trilobites, which he described and portrayed that perfectly, that it aroused the interest and appreciation of many Naturalist of that time around the world. It is totally unique piece by content and scale and from the scientific point of view unsurpassed till today. Till 1881 Barrande published total amount of 22 volumes, which had more than 6000 pages, 1160 lithographic plates and they contained descriptions of more than 3550 species of fossilized marine organisms of Paleozoic Era.