Vysoká 95, 269 01 Rakovník
Phone: +420 313 516 230
Czech Republic
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Currently the museum present several permanent expositions focusing on historical specifics: Geology and Mining, water in landscape and fisheries (with living representatives of fish in several aquariums), RAKO 1883-2003, The nature of Rakovník's region (with several terrariums with representatives of snakes), Development of Rakovník's region from prehistory to the 19th century and the Battle near Rakovník in 1620.

In the courtyard are shown original architectural elements from High Gate and stone oven from archeology research of Slavic cottage in lapidary and in several aviaries are kept representatives of the bird species (eagle-owl, turtledoves) and from here is entrance to Prague´s Gate, where is exposition dedicated to the Historic Marksman Guild.

Apart of those mentioned the building has two exhibition areas for short-term expositions of museum and art character. During the year museum offers many supporting programs for schools, lectures, concerts and public events.

Administrative building of the headquarters with specialized departments and library are located in different buildings but within reach of building with expositions.