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History of memorial hall

The memorial hall is located in the house no. 200 in Za Školou street in Lány. Precisely on this place in 1928 Alice G. Masaryk built at her own expanses house for the Local group of Czechoslovak red cross.

The building was serving not only for purposes of the group but at the same time as one of the first clinics for mothers with children. Architecturally very well designed house near the school of Charlotta G. Masaryk belongs to the very interesting buildings of first republic. It was created in the times when A. G. Masaryk was dealing with many important structural modifications of the Prague´s castle and Lány´s castle with architect Josiph Plečník. Architectural concept of the house of Czechoslovak red cross bears many signes that suggest that even here we could find traces of activities of this important Slovenian architect.

The opening ceremony of the exemplary social house of Czechoslovak red cross is even captured in contemporary film footage in National film archives. The description of celebrations, which were happening on the occasion of excavation of the house foundations are described detaily in the Lány´s chronicles.

On the 27th and 28th May the youth of Czechoslovak red cross from Lány´s health circuit from the schools of Lány, Srby, Tuchlovice, Kamenné žehrovice and Žilina orginized children´s festival on the 10th anniversary of First republic. Part of the festivities was the digging of foundations, which would be built on the expenses of Alice G. Masaryk. Even the president, Dr. Alice G. Masaryk, foreign minister Ed. Beneš with wife and american guests of the president participated in the digging foundation. From here the procession went to the castle gardens, where children of all schools carried out games, whirles, dances, outcames of healtcare, choirs and declamations.

The house served its purposes for a long time, clinic for mothers with children functioned till 1991. Since 2002 there is a permanent exhibition.